LOVE LIFE SHOW with Jane Donovan

Hey gorgeous, wonderful to have your beautiful energy visiting our page! The Love Life Show is a weekly podcast hosted by me, Jane Donovan, and covers all things to do with love, life and happiness. With 250 episodes to choose from, hit the search bar above using keywords to find episodes that speak to you.

This is your private space where you are nurtured, understood, healed, embraced and loved. Whether you desire to shine your light brighter than ever before, or have support as you struggle with everyday life, this is the emotional health  and spiritual show for you.

Learn how to:

Understand and embrace your sensitivity

Breakthrough upper limits

Manage anxiety

Improve relationships and get a new dating plan

Heal your past and clear emotional blocks

Gain greater mindfulness

Identify and reprogram limiting beliefs

Talk spirituality and consciousness

Find true love and happiness

and much more. Lots of love,