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What happens when a relationships and spiritual coach talks emotions? YOU learn how to clear your emotional blocks, break through fears, come into alignment with your true purpose and fast-track your success, love and personal power! As independently heard on Five AA, ABC radio, Channel 7,  FreshFM, Nova 919 and PowerFM radio, ‘Love Doctor’ Jane Donovan brings you a power-packed show. Sharing hours of wisdom and experience in two fields – EMOTIONS and SPIRITUALITY – Jane is here to help you achieve lasting self-love and fulfillment for your heart and soul. Check out Jane’s website here

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“A wonderful friend/coworker of mine had recommended your podcast to me, and I would just like to say that ever since I’ve been listening, my life has changed. Not only have I blossomed as a wonderful human being, but I have gained so much self-worth. I have also been noticing that I’ve been inspiring others, which is a goal I’ve always wished to achieve. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me and other people around the world. I have been recommending this podcast to my family and friends, and I hope to hear more from you.” – Jenifer Brianne Whitmer, Las Cruces, New Mexico

“I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for you girls and no words will be able to express how much love I feel for you!!! You have touched my life for the better in so many ways – I feel so connected to you both it is crazy ha ha Oh my….your sensitivity podcast really hit home for me. I can 100% confirm that I am in the high high high sensitivity category and it feels great to be equipped with a bit more knowledge about it now. Sending you the biggest hug ever.” – Simone Butchard, Sunshine Coast, Australia

“Just have to say I absolutely love your podcasts and I am so happy I discovered them. I’m all the way over in Canada! I started out listening to “Women Who Love Too Much”, and just got hooked. Your podcasts have opened up so many new ways of thinking and offered so many solutions to many of the problems I have encountered through my short 20 years of life I especially love the inner child ones and feel that they have helped me SO much in the short time I have listened… It’s incredible how applicable your podcasts are to my life. I am on a long journey of self-love and actually have some direction now thanks to you two. Love love love your shows! Keep them coming!! xx” – Courtney Hatt, Alberta, Canada

“Can I just say ladies you are amazing! I have been drifting through my personal wellness growth actively since I was about 17, however it’s really the last couple of years where my random ideas have come together to make sense as a whole….then to hear you ladies talking about things that I have actually come to the same conclusion about (spiritually and emotionally) is absolutely mind blowing! You have a lot more advanced understanding about these things than me and are certainly more articulate than I am on some issues, but regardless I feel really re-affirmed about what the past decade has taught me and I have to say thank you for doing these amazing podcasts.” – Azita Vind

“I just wanted to say how truly intuitive, inspiring and incredible you both are! I absolutely love listening to your podcasts and find them thought provoking but also really comforting! I am so grateful to have stumbled across you guys! You have helped me reflect on so many different aspects of my life and guided me through some of the hardest challenges I have faced yet. Thank you!” – Annie Busuttil, Victoria, Australia

Love the two of you to pieces! Thank you for ALL that you share with us each and every week. I have put everyone of my friends and family on to your incredible podcasts and can honestly say the two of you are helping us all in sooooo many ways it’s incredible. Just wanted to say a massive heartfelt thank you!!” – Sally Goodall, Melbourne, Australia

Thanks so much for all the wonderful wisdom you share, I haven’t found another podcast even remotely similar for when 30mins a week aren’t enough” – Annika Stahlberg, Auckland, New Zealand

“Thanks for all the podcast awesomeness that you bring to people around the world, including this bloke. I have been an avid listener of your show for over a year and I absolutely love your energy and intention that truly comes across and inspires and moves people” – RamKrishna Raja, Bangalore, India