The Great Awakening Love Wins

After a break of several years, never has there been a more important time to have a reminder of the need to come from love and not fear. During these chaotic times, sensitives, empaths, free thinkers and wayseers are being extremely tested, yet now is the time to step up. Humanity is in need and we are being called to be of service like never before. Join Jane in this 250th episode to hear her take on what is really going on and why you were born for this time.

LL 249: Life Aha Moments with the Love Life Tribe

Angel Number 249 may indicate that a project or cycle is ending and you are asked to look to your achievements and successes, so today’s show we share the big AHA moments from some of the Love-Life Tribe members from over the past 5 years. Peter, Catherine, Ram, Linda and Jason share their biggest breakthrough moments, lessons and understandings achieved over this time including being highly sensitive, understand masculine energy, self love, self acceptance, compassion and empathy.
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LL 248: What has inspired me this past week and the power of intent

Today’s episode I share what has deeply inspired me and made my heart sing this past week. Includes discussion around fear, anxiety, shared vulnerability, validation, setting of intent, results, the power of energy, leadership, going first, role modelling, influencing and looking for the subtle. Love-Life tribe administrator Catherine Hills also joins me to share some energetic observations she has made.

LL 247: Vibrationally Healing the Past with Amber Petty

My guest today, a Love-Life favourite, Amber Petty is currently writing a book sharing emotional stories from her past. I called her to chat about the chapter she had been writing earlier in the day. Amber was still vibrationally entrenched in a traumatic past story as I rang her. So this is a very real and raw episode where Amber works her way through shifting her vibration during the recording. We get to witness her reaching for the tools she has gathered over the years and implement them to raise her vibration from the painful memory.
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LL 246: Taking Your Idea to the World

Have you got an idea you want to take to a global level? Most of you are ideas people. You have ideas for change and the show today gives you the chance for your idea to be heard on a global platform by influential people, business experts, angel investors and mentors. Troy Gray is the brains, producer and host behind global pitch TV and is calling for people to take an unrefined idea and turn it into something special. So do you have an idea about anything, an innovation, an invention, an idea for social change? Do you become passionate when taking about an idea you want to see turn into reality? Troy is helping you be heard and changing lives through this awesome idea opportunity.

LL 245: Manifestation for Heart Based Entrepreneurs

Does your heart deeply desire to make a difference in this world? Are you hiring the conscious to be a part of your service to the universe? Or have a burning idea you know will bring you joy? Today’s guest Mia Poulson helps people to achieve this and much more. Our discussion includes honouring a vision or calling, fears preventing progress, how to take the big leap, changing vibrations and the chaos this creates, validation, making good business decisions, stepping up and upper limits. We even get into that dirty word for many heart based entrepreneurs…..selling! As well as visualizations, quantum healing, spiritual business vibration and much more.

Mia Poulson

LL 244: Cosmetic Surgery. Would you, Could you, Should you

Cosmetic surgery, should we, could we, would we? It’s time to dive into the sometimes controversial conversation about cosmetic surgery. My guests today are two members of the Love-Life tribe, one who has worked in the beauty industry for 30 years and the other someone who chose to have cosmetic surgery. Discussions include is cosmetic surgery purely for the ego? Or is it a valuable tool to help the outside to match the inside. Does surgery that changes external appearance assist in learning to love the internal? Is our primal need for social inclusion and connection justified in having surgery? And is it spiritual to change the body we have chosen in this lifetime? This and much more is discussed in today’s episode.

LL 243: From Shy and Isolated to Socially Confident

Social isolation, social anxiety and lack of confidence is today’s topic with my guest, Social Confidence Coach Myke Macapinlac. Myke specialises in helping people learn how to approach and talk to anybody without fear of being rejected. In today’s conversation we discuss easy tips and tools to implement as well as Myke’s personal inspirational story of how he went from eating lunch while hiding in a bathroom to avoid social engagement to being an international speaker and coach on the some of the biggest stages in the world including Las Vegas. So whether you are riddled with social anxiety or someone who would like to improve in their confidence and charisma, this episode is perfect for you.


LL 242: You Gotta Have Faith, Faith, Faith

What is faith? Why have faith? And how to get faith? In today’s episode I am joined by Love-Life show favourite Rebecca Brown where we discuss all things to do with faith including the age of Pisces over the past 2500 years, being heart centred, the wheel of all faiths, religious wounding’s, the shadow side of religion, reducing worry and fear, self-responsibility, open mindedness, spiritual superiority and the new age movement, self-actualisation, Christ consciousness, using self-development tools as well as how to be inclusive.

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LL 241: The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone

What are these three energies of the feminine? Every maiden isn’t young, every mother doesn’t have a child and every crone isn’t old. With many women uncomfortable with getting older and some feeling the veil of invisibility starting to occur, today I am joined by Love-Life show favourite, Diane McCann where we discuss each energy and phase including beginnings, enthusiasm, purpose, attraction, dreams, impatience, abundance, growth, emotions, stability, sexual, fertility, protector, nurturer, birthing, power, fulfilment, wisdom, endings, transformation, vibrancy and life embracing., We also delve into inspirational stories of older women using crone energy who have achieved some truly fabulous things. Get ready to embrace beautiful aging.