with Jane Donovan

Coaching is about helping you be the best you can be and in this case, in the love game. Jane will help you work on both your inner game and outer game. Be it changing old beliefs, healing the past, creating new ways to confidently approach the opposite gender, reading body language, positivity skills, achieving work/life balance, reprogramming old beliefs, dealing with dating do’s and dont’s, changing your appearance, mastering good conversation skills, understanding dating ‘2015 style’, and much more.
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Free To Be Me: Leading Highly Sensitive People to a life of empowermentHSP
with Jane Donovan

The information in this in this online course has helped thousands of people who have struggled being ‘HSP’ to improve their lives using what they have learnt. With eight weekly video links emailed to your inbox to watch and work on at your own pace, including access to Jane Donovan via a weekly Q&A webinar to support you in your lessons, you will learn how to identify and heal triggers, self-sabotaging behaviour and release fears and anxiety. The ultimate path to understanding, managing, embracing and celebrating the challenges and gifts of being a Highly Sensitive Person. For more information, click here.

Attraction Course For Single Men: What Women Want
Destination: Experience A Deeper, Authentic Connection With Women! For men desiring to experience deeper more authentic connection with women based on honesty and integrity. Gain confidence, courage and conviction so you walk, talk and act with powerful respect for self and women. This is NOT a course in how to pick up and manipulate women! This course IS perfect for you if you want to understand women better, have more confidence approaching women, have been hurt by a woman and want to be able to trust again, have patterns of choosing the wrong women and want to choose right, and want lasting happiness with a long term partner. For more information, click here.

How To Get The Date: A tough love guide to what you are doing wrong and how to fix it, for those dating in their 30’s, 40’s and beyond

by Jane Donovan

Packed with real life stories that will have you identifying with many if not all, you will see yourself within these pages and gain insight and tools to change your story from not-getting-the-date to getting-the-date — and with someone you really want to date! Over 50 chapters including: The list dater; The penis does the picking; The creepy texter; Please love me; The one who misses out; The shy person; The people pleaser; I don’t feel or look my age; Men are intimidated by my career; It’s not my fault; The drama queen; Leading people on; and much much more. To buy your copy, click here.


The Four Agreements