LL 210: Managing Anxiety with special guest Amber Petty

Do you or someone you love suffer from anxiety? With 18% of the western world experiencing anxiety and more than 40 million people in the US alone it’s time to address this situation with a greater awareness of what anxiety is, how it presents and what can be done to reduce or prevent it. Today’s episode Jane is joined by Amber Petty who like Jane has suffered from anxiety where they share stories, tips and tools to identify and reduce anxiety along with learning to embrace the gifts anxiety can bring.
Show links:
To follow Amber www.amberpetty.com.au
To listen to Amber’s podcast, The Wise Guides http://www.novaentertainment.com.au/
To access the course Free To Be Me to reduce anxiety : https://janedonovan.leadpages.co/anxiety-course-free-to-be-me/ or head to www.janedonovan.com.au