LL 220: Talking To Your Subsconscious Mind with Katrina Heuskes

Would you choose negative emotion? The answer is no. In today’s episode, my special guest Katrina Heuskes helps us explore the sub-conscious mind and how to flick the switch on negative emotions fast! We discuss muscle reflex testing, when to use it and when not to, setting of intent, going from head to heart and finally we learn how to muscle reflex text on our-self with easy step by step instructions.

Katrina Heuskes contact details:

The Lifeline Center http://www.thelifelinecenter.com/the-lifeline-center-team/

Facebook https://web.facebook.com/katrina.heuskes

Love-Life episode with Dr Darren Weissman https://lovelifeshow.com/ll-114-grab-a-life-line-with-special-guest-dr-darren-weissman/

Jane Donovan www.janedonovan.com.au