LL 238: Being An Empath

Do you easily sense other people’s emotions or thoughts? Or do you feel others pain easily. Then perhaps you too are an empath and today’s episode is all about you. I am joined by fellow empath Rebecca Brown, where we discuss what an empath is, the difference between being a highly sensitive person (HSP) and being an empath, what the challenges of self-care are, tools and tips to manage and embrace being an empath and personal stories of our individual journey as empaths.

Rebecca Brown www.soultosoul.com.au

Rebecca’s article mentioned https://www.soultosoul.com.au/part-2-drama-cycle-series-the-rescuer/

Rebecca’s course https://www.soultosoul.com.au/product/the-everyday-empath/

Jane’s course http://www.janedonovan.com.au/free-to-be-me

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