LL 215: Masculinity and Mens Mental Health

Boys and men are at huge risk with 400 Australian men thinking about taking their own life every day. These men are stuck in the patriarchal masculine and need acceptance and non judgement to help them move towards the divine masculine. Joining in on the great work of Gus Worland and Manup, my guest today is a bloke’s bloke Adam who in my opinion is a great role model of what the divine masculine looks like. He works in the mines, an area in our community that has one of the highest rates of suicide. Adam is not afraid to show emotion and takes actions that are not typical of the Aussie bloke. He shares his personal story of helping co-workers in their moment of need, going through rehab, how to get honest with yourself and what we can do to support the emotional growth of boys and men. Adam demonstrates real life examples of how the divine masculine in action shows up in every-day life